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Love Ceres Turkey Trot wants you to have fun and be successful at this event.  We have included a link at the top of our home page to an app called “Couch to 5k.”  The app is designed primarily for individuals who are either new to running or are returning to the sport. 

Love Ceres Turkey Trot also reached out to local runner Jon Olsen and asked if he would be willing to provide a few pointers on preparing to run a 5k race.  Jon graciously shared several tips with us.  Before we dive into the advice Jon provided, let us provide a brief (and by no means all-inclusive) biography.

Jon Olsen

Jon Olsen teaches math at Somerset Middle School in Modesto.  In 2013, he competed in the IAU 24-hour world championship in Steenbergen, Netherlands and won the individual men’s gold!  He later broke the 24-year old American record at 100 miles, becoming the first American to accomplish the feat in less than 12 hours!  Jon is also a three-time Modesto Marathon winner and was named the #2 ultrarunner of the year in 2014. 

Aim for consistency in your training.  Jon recommends 4 to 5 days of running each week.


Run without music…..it will train you to deal with whatever thoughts pop into your head and will help you to become more mentally prepared on race day.


If you don’t like speed work, insert 5-10 “pick-ups” to the end of your normal run.  These “pick-ups” should be 30 seconds in duration and performed at 90% of your maximum speed.  You will be surprised at how much your speed will improve!


Consume water BEFORE training runs, and electrolyte beverages right AFTER training runs.  Electrolyte beverages will replace crucial minerals you sweat out during training.  Jon suggests diluting the electrolyte beverages as your body doesn’t need all the extra sugar.



Set a race day goal!  Make it a goal that is attainable BUT not too easily attainable.  Whether you are in the front, middle, or back of the pack……if you work toward your goal, you will remain focused and committed in your training!